Music for Film and Television

I could write about the importance of music (and sound engineers/foley artists) in film and television, or you could watch this:

And just in case you need a refresher, here’s the version with the music:

We all know that music can make a movie so much scarier. Here’s a wonderfully informed discussion on that.

Here are some links to famous movie composers to inspire you:

John Williams  – who wrote almost every big hit movie theme and more

Hans Zimmer  – who wrote everything John Williams didn’t write…just joking

Danny Elfman  – doesn’t read music and wrote some very quirky movie and television scores

James Horner  – lush romantic movie music

Jerry Goldsmith  –  prolific

Ramin Djawadi  – one of the new darlings of film and television music

Alan Silvestri  – does a lot of sci-fi, but he isn’t limited to that genre

James Newton Howard  – Hunger Games series and  Fantastic Beasts

Elmer Bernstein  – 50 years of writing for film

Aaron Copeland  – The composer of the American sound

Howard Shore  – Academy Award winner for Lord of the Rings movies

Michael Giacchino  – Lots of sci-fi film scores

Or, there are the films that use lots of popular music –

Illustrated take on Quentin Tarantino  films

Article on 50 Best Uses of Song in Movies

Best Music Moments in Film – many broken links due to copyright, but you’re smart, you can look them up.


Theme Songs!!!

Vanacore Music  – Long list of credits for television, like  Survivor

Bear McCreary  –  Walking Dead, Outlander, etc.

Sean Callery  –  Bones, 24, Jessica Jones

Alan and Marilyn Bergman  – Old school film and television

John Lunn  – British –  Downton Abbey