Music of India


Sitar, Tabla Performance

Instruments of India – a fabulous, comprehensive website, lots to explore

An Overview of Indian Classical Music

Beginning Episode of a Video Overview of Indian Music – low production value, good content

What is a Raga?  Another very comprehensive site – tons to explore

South Indian Music Overview

BBC Documentary –  Lost Music of Rajasthan

Filmi Songs

Filmi Song or Bollywood Music Overview

This is a very famous Bollywood Song, enjoy the beautiful scenery of India. Yes, it’s been around for awhile, and it still stands the test of time.

Overview of Bollywood

The Role of the Playback Singer

Use This 100 List to Kickstart Your Bollywood Songs Exploration – copy and paste into YouTube

A blog by a former student on Bollywood Music

Indian Pop Musiceuphoria

Pop Music Overview

More Detailed Article on Indian Pop and Bollywood Music

Homepage of Lucky Ali  – your instructor’s gateway artist to Indian Pop