Unit 1 -Introduction


Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

The purpose of this first unit is for you to become  familiar with the syllabus and to make sure your computer and internet are up to speed.

By the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Navigate the syllabus
  2. Demonstrate their readiness for class through the successful completion of the scavenger hunt activity.
  3. Do a quick introduction on  your instructor’s introductory post.

Unit 1 – Instructor Introduction Lecture

Checklist of Learning Activities for this Unit

Learning Activities

  1. View and read all material in the Getting Started section
    1. Read the Syllabus  – LO #1
    2. Look at the Schedule
    3. Watch the video lecture
  2. Take Scavenger Hunt assignment on Canvas located inside the ‘ASSIGNMENT SUBMIT’ section.    LO #2
  3. Quickly introduce yourself in the  comment section of your instructor’s introduction page by sharing your “theme song. Submit your response in Canvas through the ASSIGNMENT SUBMIT section.
  4. Take a look at a  future assignment.


Part 1 – Log into Canvas and take the  ‘Unit 1 – Scavenger Hunt’ assessment  located in ‘Assignment Submit’  from the left-side menu.

Part 2 – Go to your instructor’s introduction. Follow directions at the bottom of the page for commenting there to introduce yourself to class by sharing your theme song, or musical composition. (This is a quick introduction, more in-depth introductions will happen in Unit 3)

Preparation for the next unit

In this unit, we’re just getting up to speed –making sure you can access all the necessary content with your internet connection and reading the syllabus. In Unit 2, we will start looking at music elements in isolation, which will help us form our basic vocabulary for more comprehensive explorations.