Unit 2 – Elements of Music

Elements of Music

Learning Objectives

By the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Recognize the essential components of music, defined as music elements. CLO #2
  2. Identify individual music elements given specific examples. CLO#3
  3. Correctly identify music specific vocabulary. CLO#2

Unit 2 Instructor Lecture

Checklist of Learning Activities for This Unit

Learning Activities

  1. Read the Overview and Objectives section for this unit.
  2. Watch the video in the Overview and Objectives section for this unit.
  3. Watch music elements video content (17 videos) (LO#1)
  4. Optional – download reference materials  
  5. Quiz – Beat, Tempo, Meter, Rhythm
    (LO #2, #3)
  6. Quiz – Pitch, Interval, Range, and Scale (LO #2, #3)
  7. Quiz – Melody, Chords, and Harmonic Texture (LO #2, #3)
  8. Quiz – Dynamics, Timbre, Form, and Articulation (LO #2, #3)
  9. Optional – Links to additional resources

Instructor Lectures

Articulation and Effects

Reference Materials - Cheat Sheets

Reference Materials – Cheat Sheets

Please download the following materials (PDF) and use them throughout this course for quick reference guides when creating your blog posts:

See also this interactive online music theory lessons tool.

Take the Assessments (Quizzes)

Log into Blackboard and take the  following assessments located in the ‘ASSIGNMENT SUBMIT’ section from the left menu:

  1. Beat, Tempo, Meter, and Rhythm
  2. Pitch, Range, Intervals, Scales
  3. Melody, Harmonic Texture, and Chords
  4. Dynamics, Articulation, Timbre, and Form

The assessments have 12-19 questions, multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false. If you need to, you can take an assessment a second time to improve your grade. Your highest grade will be calculated as part of your total grade.

Optional Videos

For Further Investigation

The following optional links and videos are examples of more complex forms found in classical music.  These forms are beyond the scope of this course but feel free to watch if you are interested.

Sonata Allegro form

Rondo Form — Minuet and Trio —

Theme and Variation Form —

Symphony —


Ritornello Form —

Preparation for the next unit

In this unit, we looked at  elements in isolation. In the next unit you will be examining a work of music of your choice and selecting 3 music elements to discuss. As part of this unit there are cheat sheets to help you in future units as you continue to develop you skills in discussing music elements. Printing at least one of these for reference is advised.