Getting Started

Welcome to Explorations in Music!

Course Introduction

This class is now on Canvas. Most of the material in this video still applies.

1. Syllabus
Did you read the syllabus? It is always available via a link on the left-hand side of Canvas and on our course website here.  
Hint: Before you email your instructor with a question about the class, check the syllabus first.
Hint: You can print the syllabus. A PDF has been created for you to download.
2. Deadline Schedule
Every assignment has a deadline. A link to the  Deadline Schedule  is in the GET STARTED module of Canvas,and  on our course website here.
Hint: You can print the schedule and post it in your study area. A pdf  has been created for you to download on our course website.
Hint: Enter every deadline on your smartphone, tablet or computer calendar. Set alarms so you get a reminder to start working on the next assignment. Set alarms to make sure you submit your assignments on Blackboard before the deadline.
3. Course Content
All  lesson content for this course is here on our  class website. But also, you got it, you’ll also find a links in each Blog assignment on Canvas! You will also find links to all the blogs created by the class during this course HERE. They are also included in each Comment assignment as well.
Hint: Bookmark this site!  It will make getting to the course content easier.
4. Submitting Assignments
You will be uploading assignments through Canvas in our course shell under the ‘Assignment Submit’ link on the left menu. Follow the directions in each Unit Assignment carefully. If you run into trouble or have any questions submitting assignments, contact your instructor right away. You can also refer to the Technology Help area under the Resources tab in our course website.
Get Started!
Time to get started on your first assignment (Unit 1). Once again, you will find all your assignment instructions for this class in the Unit sections of this website.
Hint: The first assignment is due right away. Don’t miss your first deadline.

Want to team up with other students??

The University of Alaska system is doing a pilot with the app Cirlclein.  I think it looks very promising.  If I were a student in this class, I would use it two ways.  1) Find accountability buddies. Communicate weekly to make sure you are on track.  2) Proofreading partners.  Get your blogs done 2-3 days ahead of schedule and have your Circlein folks proof read your blog. This could really make a difference in your grade.