Course Learning Objectives

By the end of this course students will be able to:


  1. Create a personal blog in the public domain that accepts comments without moderation requirements.
  2. Recognize and define fundamental elements of music such as beat, pitch, melody, lyrics, dynamics, chords, harmonic texture, etc.
  3. Identify specific fundamental musical elements in songs, and compositions.
  4. Analyze works of western and non-western musicians and describe their place in social context.
  5. Use vocabulary appropriate for expressing an educated opinion when writing about works of music.
  6. Discover online and/or print sources of music and music-related topics for use in discussion.
  7. Research online sources of multimedia for use in critical analysis defense of written topics.
  8. Write critically about a musical work on blog posts.
  9. Define the connections between a work of music and innovations or evolutions in either the music, or the instruments/voices that contributed to the musical composition.
  10. Craft a theory which explains the implied social message of a musical work.
  11. Craft a theory which defines the role of music in society.
  12. Defend positions taken as part of critical analysis of music works, evidenced through discussion.
  13. Describe emotional connections associated with elements of music.
  14. Combine multimedia with writing or video presentations to state a position on a public blog.
  15. Critique peers and provide appropriate feedback according to critiquing standards outlined in the syllabus.  
  16. Utilize scholarly citation on blog posts.