I’m Your Instructor!

Hello! I’m your instructor!

Just like you…I went to school

My background collage

I had formal schooling. I still go to school.

Schools I went to collage

I enjoy running…

I like to run collage

And attending…

I like going to art events collage

I usually take Hubz, family, or friends on my art and music exploration adventures.

UKULELE!!!! I play the ukulele obsessively!! I host an international open mic and jam every Friday night and have people from across the USA. There are always folks from 4-5 different countries who attend – even countries like Turkey and Brazil. 

I teach ukulele at the Folk School and through Patreon, and I have a YouTube Channel.


I’ll be taking you on a virtual exploration of music.   Let’s begin, shall we!?


If you were to have a theme song or theme composition, what would it be? (Introductions Part 1)

In the first 3 days of class, introduce yourself below in a comment in ONE sentence that describes your superpower.   In Unit 3, you will be doing more in-depth introductions on your own blog.

122 Replies to “I’m Your Instructor!”

    • I love Fall Out Boy! Have you heard the newer remix featuring Black Thought? They made a remix of the whole American Beauty/American Psycho album and renamed it Make America Psycho Again. I genuinely love both equally.

    • I also really like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, I find “Rewrite” and “Survivor’s March” to be other great songs by them.

  1. My theme composition would be “Notturno from String Quartet No. 2” by Alexander Borodin because it’s not only a beautiful piece, but it has helped me feel calm during times of worry and that’s the most important benefit of music to me.

  2. Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd would be my theme song. My superpower would be being able to reach heights that others can’t reach because I am 6’7″.

  3. If I had to choose a theme song for myself, it would have to be “Gonna Fly Now” by The Rocky Orchestra (Rocky’s theme song!). My super power would definitely have to be running, I race when I can as well!

    • Hi Natasha,
      After listening to this song, I may have to watch one of films later. The music is one of my favorite elements.

  4. My theme song at the moment would be “In This Love” by Stick Figure. link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21_0VJmAy2I

    I am unsure whether the superpower is supposed to be something we already have, or something we wish we could have. If it is something we already have, I would say mine is seeing the good in everyone (though perhaps that is also my greatest weakness). If I could choose, I would want the ability to shape shift into different animals… That would allow me to fly (bird), breath under water(any sea creature haha), run at incredibly fast speeds (Cheetah), be invisible (fly on the wall) etc… It’s the “All in one” power 😉

    • I looked through all the comments until I found this song one of the coolest songs ever. Such a big of monsters and men fan their music is so unique and meaningful. 🙂

  5. My theme song would be “Wavin’ Flag” by K’NAAN because I am originally from Germany and also love soccer and this was one of the FIFA songs in 2014.
    My Superpower would be to cheer people up with my bubbly personality!

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME
      My theme song would be “Wavin’ Flag” by K’NAAN because I am originally from Germany and also love soccer. I love the message of this song that everyone can celebrate together no matter where they are from!
      My Superpower would be to cheer people up with my bubbly personality

  6. My superpower would be to bring others happiness and my theme song is My Grateful/My Thankful Heart by Tong Li.

  7. My superpower would have to be my creativity. I love to do my native culture artwork, creating, making new things and love to shop for beads and items I could possibly make something new out of it.
    My theme song would have to be “But for the Grace of God” by Keith Urban

  8. My theme song would be “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine.
    My superpower is resilience!

  9. If i could have a theme song it would be “Life is a highway” by Rascal Flatts.
    If i could have a superpower it would be to fly.

  10. Hi, this is Robin B from Sitka! My super power is the love of Jesus, and my theme song would be “Psalm 23 The Lord Is My Shepherd” by Jessi Colter.

  11. Hey there, sorry I’m late to the party but I’m excited to be here!

    I think my theme song would be Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez.

    If I had a choice of super powers I would say to become a part of the Spider-verse and become a spider-women!

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