I’m Your Instructor!

Hello! I’m your instructor!

Just like you…I went to school

My background collage

I had formal schooling. I still go to school.

Schools I went to collage

I enjoy running…

I like to run collage

And attending…

I like going to art events collage

I usually take Hubz, family, or friends on my art and music exploration adventures.

UKULELE!!!! I play the ukulele obsessively!! I host an international open mic and jam every Friday night and have people from across the USA. There are always folks from 4-5 different countries who attend – even countries like Turkey and Brazil. 

I teach ukulele at the Folk School and through Patreon, and I have a YouTube Channel.


I’ll be taking you on a virtual exploration of music.   Let’s begin, shall we!?


If you were to have a theme song or theme composition, what would it be? (Introductions Part 1)

In the first 3 days of class, introduce yourself below in a comment in ONE sentence that describes your superpower.   In Unit 3, you will be doing more in-depth introductions on your own blog.

15 Replies to “I’m Your Instructor!”

    • Hi! My name is Jade Shepard I am a junior at UAF finishing my prerequisites for nursing school. I was born and raised in Fairbanks! I have played violin since I was in fourth grade. I listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood and what I am doing. I have been on a country kick recently. My theme song would probably be something super obnoxious and fun.

    • Hi guys! My name is Michelle and I absolutely love music! I’m a UAF sophomore and I play the violin. I’ve played ever since I was 9 and I enjoy it so much. I like all kinds of music, from classical all the way to hard rock and alternative. My theme song would probably be something chill, like What Once Was by Her’s.

    • Hello, I’m Terry. I am currently a sophomore at UAF majoring in biology with a concentration in ecological and evolutionary biology and a minor in Arctic studies. I and 56 and I graduated high school in 1982 and went into the service at the age of 17 becoming a disabled veteran before my 19th birthday. I think I must be the most nontraditional student on campus and that has ever lived on campus. I started playing piano when I was two years old added the clarinet in sixth-grade flute in seventh grade, guitar in eighth grade. I started to participate in the high school marching band and the local community junior band when I was in seventh grade. I thought that my high school music teacher had other motives by having me learn not only the entire woodwind family but some of the brass, and percussion as well. I was also performing locally outside of band, orchestra, and concert choir. While in the Coast Guard I was in the marching band and continued playing with various community organizations until a fire last Thanksgiving destroyed my hands it’s funny how you can take something like performing music for granted and not realize what an impact it has made in your life until it is gone. For the last two years, I attended Lake Superior State University and I also played in the pep band there as well. I cannot say that I have a favorite type of music because I listen to practically everything. Lately, I have been listening to a lot of patriotic music remembering my days in the service. My theme song would be very eclectic in style ranging from classical to hard rock and everything in between I have not lived a conventional life so my theme song would not be conventional.

  1. I am retired Army and have an amazing family. Decided to go back to school and get my nursing degree. I have a wide range of music from blue grass to heavy metal. I really don’t care for country music past the Zac Brown Band and the new rap music. I wouldn’t even know what my theme song would be, it would really depend on what was going on that day.

  2. I am a student working for my BA in social work. I love variety in my music and it depends on my mood at the moment. Exceptions are modern rap and songs that have cuss words as I don’t understand why anyone would listen to them. My theme song would also depend on my mood but right now I’m feeling something in the uplifting genre so probably this: https://youtu.be/QN9SduuzoC4

  3. Hi!

    I am a slow graduating senior here at UAF, but Im getting it done. I really like a lot of different genres of music but currently find myself listening to a lot of alternative type of bands. Some of the ones I’m currently listening to are Five Finger Death Punch, Panic at the Disco, Puddle of Mud, and other similar bands. However, my music downloads has country, pop. rock, hip hop, rap, and so much more. I am not a musically inclined person if I’m being honest, I played the clarinet when I was in elementary/middle school and I was terrible. I was singing a song earlier because my husband said something but as I’m writing this I can’t for the life of me remember it. I don’t think I have a theme song, my life changes so much that it would be hard to pick just one.

  4. Hi, my name is Olivia Gardner, I am a freshman in college and I live in Juneau, Alaska. I love classical music and pop. I dislike most jazz and country music. I have played the violin for 10 years now. A song stuck in my head that I would also consider my current theme song is “Loved the ocean” by Emilia Ali.

  5. Howdy, my name is Ashley Hunter, I’m a UAF Sophmore and native Alaskan living out in Marshall. I listen to any sort of music that has a nice rhythm. I don’t play any instruments, but I do have a harmonica that I take out sometimes to try to copy songs that get stuck in my head (with little to no luck at it). Currently, I’ve been trying to get “Pools” by Glass Animals out of my head, hopefully listening to it more will help!
    Be sure not to be so hard on me, especially with me living out in the middle of nowhere!

  6. Hello everyone, my name is Callie Hamilton and I’m excited to be here in class. I am looking forward to learning a lot in this course to take with me throughout my continued education. My major is elementary education, and I cannot wait to be done and get into the classroom. My background is in nursing but I’m looking forward to switching my focus more to education. Nurses are also educators so it’s not too much of a change. I am in love with Doja Cat, of all artists, at the present moment. My music taste changes monthly probably. I love ALL music! I LOVE the violin and the piano. I don’t play any instruments, but my mom tried her hardest to get me to play the piano growing up. I wish I would’ve stuck with it! I have had Doja’s song crush stuck in my head for several days now. If I had a theme song it would be, I Surrender, All Sons & Daughters.

  7. Hello! My name is Aimee Chico and I am very excited about this class. Music has always had a huge impact on my life. I am a dancer and I have played many instruments growing up. I learned how to play the guitar, trumpet, and french horn. I teach and dance hip hop along with competing in freestyle battles, so I love all different kinds of music that I can dance to. I have a particular like for rap and pop, but I also really love R&B. Given that I have grown up dancing many different styles to many different kinds of music, I believe that I enjoy almost all music genres. If I had a theme song it would probably be “Move Your Body” by Sia because I love the build-up, and of course, I love moving my body.

    • Hi!
      My name is Molly Wilson. My favorite kind of music is Musical style. I like when music is used to tell a story. One of my favorite singers is Thomas Sanders. I own a Ukulele but I have only learned one song. Which is the “The Things We Used to Share” by Thomas Sanders. I also for some reason really like music with a creepy vibe to it. Like Halloween songs. I am dancer. And I am not sure what my theme song should be. Maybe “I’d Rather be Me” from the Mean Girls Musical.

  8. Hi,
    my name is Tessa Sweetsir I’m a sophomore studying criminal justice. I was born and raised in Fairbanks. My favorite type of music is hip hop or R&B although I’ll listen to pretty much anything. I like music that makes me sing along and feel confident. If I had a theme song it would be 90210 by Wale.

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