10 – Final Project

Final Project

Learning Objectives

By the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Propose a theory which explains the social/moral commentary of a specific genre of music, or the role of music to society. CLO#11
  2. Analyze print and/or online media related to your theory. CLO#7
  3. Present 2 musical performances that illustrate the proposed theory. CLO#14
  4. Define basic information for the two musical compositions in the selected performances. CLO#14
  5. Summarize the background/history of the selected composition. CLO#6, CLO#7
  6. Explain how the chosen musical selections support the proposed theory. CLO#12, CLO#8
  7. Express an aesthetic reaction to each musical performance. CLO#8, CLO#5
  8. Cite at least three musical elements which contribute to the aesthetic response. CLO#3
  9. Present research with appropriate citations in MLA format. CLO#16
  10. Express an opinion on the theory presented by other students. CLO#15
  11. Explain your agreement or difference with the theory presented. CLO#12
  12. Describe a personal aesthetic reaction to the works presented. CLO#15
  13. Propose other musical elements, research, or musical selections that could be examined in response to analysis by other students. CLO#13, CLO#15

Unit 10 Instructor Lecture


Checklist of Learning Activities for this Unit

  1. Watch Instructor Lecture – Final Project
  2. Read Instructions – Final Project Blog
  3. Based on research, construct a theory which explains how music makes a commentary on society or serves a societal role. LO#1 #2
  4. Select 2 musical performances which illustrate your theory. LO#3
  5. Create a Final Project blog post. LO #1-#9
  6. Submit the URL of your blog post on Bb.
  7. Read Instruction – Final Project Comments.
  8. Comment on 2 classmates’ ‘Final Project’ blog posts, offering your opinions on the performances presented. Additionally, express your opinion on the theory presented,  and adding additional learning.  LO# 10, 11, 12, 13
  9. Copy your comments and submit them via Blackboard.

Instructions - Final Project - Blog Post

Final Assignment -120 points

Music and Society

In the Music and the Fictive Dream blog post, you were required to look at social commentary. You will be taking a closer look at this in your final project.

Create a final blog  post that presents a thesis on how music makes a commentary on society or serves a societal role. This blog post will provide a comprehensive analysis based on at least two works of music that illustrate your thesis.

These elements need to be included:

Analysis includes:

  1. Musical analysis of at least 3 elements in each work.
  2. Your aesthetic judgment of the works.
  3. Context — when, where, why these works exist. You will need to elaborate beyond date and place.

Presentation of thesis includes:

  1. Clearly present your thesis. Don’t leave your reader guessing.
  2. Directly tie elements of the music to your thesis. Connect the dots.
  3. Utilize research to back up your thesis.
  4. Additionally,  your blog must include:
  5. A link or video for each work.
  6. Each work must be identified by title, artist/composer/playwright/screenwriter, date, and place.
  7. Cited sources in MLA style at the end.
  8. Your personal journey –  worth 10  bonus points
    Suggested length- 1 paragraphs
    How has your relationship to music changed as a result of this course?

Possible thesis examples: Music connects people emotionally, music inspires national identity and pride, music inspires political change, musical catharsis, music promotes order, music brings us together, music defines history, etc..

Grading Critera - Final Project


In this analysis assignment, you will be graded on the following:

  • Basic Information — Title (in italics if necessary), date, composer, country of origin — 10 points
  • Biography, role of the work, social commentary and opinion— 70 points
  • Citing your research, and utilizing quality sources — 20 points
  • Presentation — 20 points
  • Personal journey paragraph describing how your relationship to music has changed as a result of this course? – 10 bonus points

Blog Post Requirements - Final Project

  1. A clear title presents the blog, which includes your chosen topic in the title.
  2. A link to the songs or works being analyzed. A minimum of 2 are required if you are selecting your own topic.
  3. Titles of the songs or works (usually in italics), composers (if unknown – state this), the date (again – it might be unknown, but that should be stated) it was written or released, and country of origin clearly supplied in the text of the blog post.
  4. Presentation of a thesis – Chose from these two broad categories: 1)How does music serve society? Or put another way, why do we need music?   2)How does music make commentary on society?
  5. A summary presentation of the research conducted on your chosen thesis. A minimum of two  reputable sources required.
  6. A clearly formatted analysis of at least two musical elements found in EACH of the musical selections chosen
  7. A statement of your  personal  aesthetic reaction related to the analysis of the performer’s talents and the musical elements presented
  8. Carefully  edit  your blog post.
  9. Sources are cited below the article in  MLA style. All internet sources must include a working hyperlink to the source material.
  10. The blog has visual interest. An image or an embedded video is included
  11. The blog post URL is submitted through Blackboard,  Assignment Submit link ‘Unit 10 – Final Project’, with a working hyperlink. If your hyperlink doesn’t work properly, you will be given a zero and will need to resubmit with a working hyperlink. Late penalties will apply.

Instructions - Final Project Comments

You can learn a great deal by reading what your fellow students wrote.  You might hear music you’ve never experienced before.  You might hear something you already know in a different light.  As part of the EXPLORATION component in this course, you are required to comment on 2 of your fellow student’s blog posts.  Your comments  need to include the following:

  1. Agreement or disagreement.
    1. Did you like the same things in the music that they liked? Why or why not. Be polite. If we all liked the same things, music would never evolve. Comment on the topic offered in the blog post.
  2. Theory  – Comment on the theory presented by your fellow students. Did it resonate with you? Feel free to agree, or politely disagree.
  3. Add to the discussion. Did you notice something was missing from the assignment? Did you notice another musical element that wasn’t considered? Could you direct them to another composer, performer, work or style? Maybe there is an article that would be helpful?
  4. Submit your comments on Blackboard for grading  using the Assignment Submit link ‘Unit 10- Final Project’.
  5. Proper submission formatting.
    1. Use the  Assignment Submission   section of Blackboard to submit your comments.
    2. Do not use the  Add Comments  area of Blackboard.
    3. Submit the URL of each blog you commented on and hyperlink it in Blackboard.
    4. Cut and paste your comment below the hyperlinked URL.

Click Here to see an annotated guide to comments.

Grading Criteria for Comments

  1.  All comments must be submitted properly. If not, then you will receive a zero, with a request to resubmit properly – 1 point.
  2. Opinion stated – 4 points for each comment.
  3. Explanation of option – 4 points for each comment.
  4. Adding to the discussion/exploration/learning – 4 points for each comment.