Continued Exploration

If you don’t want to repeat some of the previous assignments, and you don’t have an idea of what topic to try, here’s a few that haven’t been covered –

Music Producer

What does a music producer do?

What does a music producer do? – 2nd article

Audio Engineer

What does an audio engineer do?

The DJ

What does a DJ do?

How to Become a DJ

The Path to Stardom

There are many paths. Compare and contrast the journey of 2 performers/songwriters. Here’s a few with very different backgrounds.

Lady Gaga

Joseph Haydn

Owl City

Carrie Underwood

Snoop Dogg

Franz Liszt


Freddy Mercury

Bob Marley

Michael Jackson

Other topics that would be great, and would not need approval:

How to make a music video.

What is folk music?