Pot Pourri

The world is so big, here are just a few links to lead you to many different types of music

Gypsy Musicgramo

Gypsy Music

Gypsy Band Music with Artists and Examples

Throat Singinginuit

Smithsonian Article on Three Cultures of Throat Singing

Tuvan Throat Singing

Alaska Dispatch Video Article on Inuit Throat Singing

bulgarianBulgarian Women’s Choir

History and Background of the Style

Overview of the Bulgarian Choir

Performance in the US



Iranian Traditional Music

Overview and History

Example of Dastgah e-Muhr

Example of Dastgah Shure

  • An aside – In most Islamic countries, like Iran, popular music is forbidden. This has created a musical underground. My mother-in-law watches Iranian language TV that is broadcast out of Los Angeles and Toronto. One of my favorite bands featured on the music channels is Barobax.The band still lives in Iran There are many articles online about the Islamic underground music scene. This would make for an interesting assignment with a twixt.