Living Performers

Although some of these performers have songwriting/composing credits, that is not the majority of their work, nor what they are known for. The links found below are to homepages for each of these artists. If they don’t have a homepage, the link goes to their Facebook page.  You can always look up these performers on Wikipedia and Biography. IMDB is also a good place to get information. Biographies in book format are some of the best sources and can be found for some of the older performers.

The Women

Celine Dion  – singer  celine-dion

Julie Andrews  – singer, actress

Britney Spears  – singerbritney

Michelle Lea  singer, actress

Doris Day  – singer, actress

Rihanna  – singer


Diana Damrau  – opera singer

Barbara Streisand  – singer

Ariana Grande  – singer



The Men

tonyTony Bennett  – crooner, jazz singer

Johnny Mathis  – crooner, jazz singer

Ricky Martin – pop singer, latino pop

Fabian  – singer, actor

Michael Crawford  – stage singer

Ricardo Chailly  – conductor

Placido Domingo  opera singer

yoyo_ma_trumpie_12Yo You Ma  – cellist

James Galway  – flutist