Performing Groups

Musical groups that don’t compose are generally keeping older traditions alive. Some musical groups are also known for evolving musical traditions by seeking out, and even commissioning works by living composers. Then there are other groups that reinvent the works of others, putting their own particular spin on the music.  Whenever possible the links navigate to the home page for each group.

This is just a list to get you thinking and for further research. This only scratches the surface.

Major Orchestrassymphony

New York Philharmonic

London Philharmonic

Tokyo Philharmonic

Budapest Film Orchestra

kronos-quartet-playingKronos Quartet  – a string quartet known for performing music of living musicians

The Fab Four  – a Beattle tribute band

PTX  – Pentatonix, a 5 member acapella grouppentatonixs

Gregorian  – a group which remakes song with a Gregorian Chant flavor

Celtic Women  – A performing group that focuses on traditional Celtic music

Nexus Percussion  – A percussion quartet that performs contemporary percussion compositions

Gamelan Semara Ratih  – performing traditional Balinese music and dance

balinese-gamelan-factsThe Piano Guys  – a duet that creates mashups with guest artists

Disney Live  – All types of performances of Disney music for live  performance at the parks and on tour