Performers From The Past

You can always look up these performers on Wikipedia and Biography. IMDB is also a good place to get information. Biographies in book format are some of the best sources. I have included a list of performers with a link to a source that is credible, but different from the previously listed sources.

The Men

Frank Sinatra  – singer

Louis Armstrong (he did write songs, but is more famous for his performances of works written by others)

Vladimir Horowitz  – pianist


Andres Segovia  – guitarist

Pablo Casals  – cellist

Arturo Toscanini – conductor  toscanini

Luciano Pavarotti – opera singer

Elvis Presley – Rock Legend

Farinelli – famous castrati  opera singerfarinelli

The Women

Patsy Cline  -country singer

Lena Horne – jazz and pop singer

Josephine Baker – singer and dance


Eileen Joyce – pianist

Anna Moffo – opera singer


Antonia Brico – conductor, pianist

Ella Fitzgerald – jazz singer

Maybelle Carter – guitarist, banjo, autoharp, singermaybelle